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Air ambulance service

A variety of ambulance aircraft that enable the transfer of several patients together Unique solutions during the epidemic to transfer Covid19 patients safely.

הטסה רפואית במטוסי אמבולנס מאובזרים הכוללים ציוד רפואי חדש

Bed to bed service

Bed-to-bed service allows for maximum comfort for the patient and family. The aircraft crew will escort the patient from the hospital by ground ambulance directly to the aircraft development. Transfer on the plane will be done using a stretcher and advanced intensive care equipment.

Helicopter Air Ambulance Services

Rescue and rescue using a helicopter suitable for difficult areas. In a short time we will carry out rescue everywhere and reach the location of the accident. Transfer the patient in the fastest way through medical staff to the nearest hospital.

Commercial Stretcher Service

Our company works with a number of commercial airlines to safely transport patients to the destination country. Transfer of the patient through an attached doctor and paramedic and in accordance with the patient’s medical report we will provide the required equipment such as oxygen, monitor and any required medical equipment.

Transportation option covid-19

The transfer of Covid patients requires dedicated aircraft for transfer that includes a unique isolation chamber in which patients are required. The isolation compartment provides maximum comfort to the patient and the medical staff on the plane. Safe care options for patient and air crew throughout flight hours.

Organ transport

Transporting organs from anywhere in a controlled manner through medical staff. A variety of options for transferring organs by helicopter within the country between hospitals or by planes from outside the country.

Ground ambulance service

When we arrange a return for patients we must be equipped with a suitable vehicle according to the requirements. The treatment is carried out starting with the patient being picked up from the hospital and transferred to an ambulance vehicle that includes all the necessary equipment and we will immediately approve his entry directly into the deck opening.

cargo flights

Intercontinental goods transfer service using cargo planes capable of loading tens of tons of goods. Collection of goods from the factory and reception at the airport Handling of all customer import or export paperwork in a short time.

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